Your personal smart business card

The Mission

There are small techy stuff out there that make your life a tad bit easier. Most of them you can just buy off the internet. Others need a little personal touch. We all know the hustle of printing endless paper business cards. However, the need for them is still present. An elevator pitch or a networking event, all require you to have a way to exchange contacts. A card that you don't give away and help the environment.


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The Impact

Since using it, I don't have to pay printers a fortune every other year, it looks clean & classy while reducing my carbon footprint.

The Outcome

In short, it's just wood on which my logo lives, engraved on its surface with a twist. Between the sheets of plywood, there is a small NFC card. The same one you have on your card when you pay contactless. For this shooting, I put together a small vintage setting, fitting the plywood look of the card.
Smart business card in vintage setting photo 1.
Smart business card in vintage setting photo 2.
Smart business card thrown in the air.
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The Process

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The results

Your personal smart business card

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