Old Skipper - The redesign of a logo ready to sail onwards.

The Mission

In love with the sea, Bianca Constantin, the person who founded Old Skipper, managed to translate her adventurous side into a diverse collection of bracelets, all made of nautical ropes or leather, with unique decorative elements, braids or knots specific to sailors. A brand started from home and headed to the international seas. My mission was to recompose and redesign the Logo that will represent them on their journey forward.


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The Impact

The logo in its final form became a honest refreshment for the brand and represents the brand with dignity and pride wherever it is displayed

The Outcome

Taking visual cues and inspirations from various nautical and marine elements, I reshaped the old logo into a new one that represents luxury, stability adventure and gracefulness in one.
Old skipper logo before and after
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Started in 2013, the brand grew steadily over the years. Expanding their catalog and product lineup. In 2021 it came to a point where change in the visual aspect of the logo was needed.

old skipper logo sketch 1
old skipper logo sketch 2
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The Process

One of the defining needs of the logo that was established in the beginning by the client, and it was to be visible in small size and to have the flexibility to be engraved in the smallest forms. With the situation at hand, the process by which the final logo was made was set. During the first phases of the project, both business goals, values, future development and culture were considered and combined.

Old skipper concepts
Old skipper mockup
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The final form of the logo has been refined to the point where it truly encompasses the before mentioned aspects of luxury, nautical vibe and gracefulness.

Old skipper logo mockup.
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The results

Placed in challenging places physically and representing proudly the brand on all materials, the logo stands as a timeless symbol for the business that has started in 2013.

Old Skipper - The redesign of a logo ready to sail onwards.

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