Szimpla Food - Simply delicious

The Mission

A local pub expanding their products lineup. It is the cornerstone of development at any level. Szimpla has become, for the community of Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania, a safe haven for different. With its variety of craft beers and dystopian furniture, there is for sure a place where people can connect and feel free. My mission was to capture the essence of Szimpla and its food offering in a couple of frames that reflect the brand throughout the photos.


Product Photography, Food Photography




Szimpla Sepsiszentgyorgy

The Impact

The final product has been used and is in use on both online and offline channels. The quality of the images could be placed on billboards around town, while scaled down to the limitations of the social media platforms.

The Outcome

In a fast but organized way, I captured the variety of the food reflecting not only in the recycling bio aspect of the plating but also in the way the food has been served.
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The Process

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The results

Szimpla Food - Simply delicious

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