Portraits - Window of the soul

The Mission

Portrait photography is a niche of this industry that succeeds when the composition is centred around the eye. Everyone in this case study has trusted me with a task of selflessness and left me with their stories. Giving away their trust and their personal tales that have become frozen in pixels.


Portrait Photography




Multiple Clients

The Impact

Most of the shots created reflect the moment and the person in that given time. A process that gives confidence after it has been completed.

The Outcome

Beginning with a conversation and ending in the capturing of the persona, the eye and the soul.
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Not everyone is ready to place themselves in front of the camera. An aspect that is true for most people. It is not a skill or ability that is taught in school or by nature. However, it is formed in time and by exposing ourselves in uncomfortable situations. The goal of my work is to create a bridge between the insecurities and the trust of my clients. To guide them through the process of portrait photography.

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The Process

A welcoming and warm conversation can go a long way to establish trust. Some of the clients that I've had the pleasure of capturing, describe the feeling as one of a free-falling. It is essential for it to happen at the very beginning of the process.

Most if not all the portrait projects start as planned event. In some capacity, the dress, make-up and poses are thought out before the shoot. Most often than not, the same planning is put aside as an optional task list and improvisations based on the aforementioned conversation starts to surface.

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As a result, candid teamwork between the person in front of the camera and behind it forms. An experience that starts as an uncomfortable situation becomes one of self-reflection, intimacy and exposure.

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The results

In the end, both parties get what they were looking for. I, as a photographer, am left with the tale of a person, while the client has an experience that brings confidence and courage in the day to day life.

Portraits - Window of the soul

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