This very website

The Mission

A freelancer without his or her own website is like a Shoemaker without boots. In today’s world any business requires a website that reflects the value proposition, way of working and visual aspect of the business in one. Thus I set out to tailor my own boots.


Web Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Illustrations, Photography, Copywriting


2020, ongoing


The Impact

The end result is a website that is easy to navigate, increases conversion rate, brings in quality leads while also reflects the personal brand that it showcases.

The Outcome

To achieve clarity of expression even in an online medium, this very website was created with the idea of adding function to aesthetics.
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Boots are a must to walk around the wild west of the internet. The ever growing virtual market expands each day as digitalization becomes a must in the 21st century, thus a website needs to stand out. The goal is simple, to create a website that reflects the personal branding, the value proposition and of course the portfolio in one accessible package.
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The Process

Everything starts with a goal, a strategy in the form of questions: “What is my personal brand? How does that look like on paper? Who am I addressing towards?” Questions that help me pinpoint towards the structure of the website and its content.

After laying the basic ideas in a notebook, I switch to digital to fill in the gaps. With the structure at hand, assets flow much easier in the place, merging content and context seamlessly.

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Final adjustments commence in the form of device optimization, but overall the transition from Pen and Paper to Digital mostly has been completed. Resulting in a virtual tool that represents the business you see before you.
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The results

I have created a visually compelling space where people can connect with the business even before reaching out. Will keep you updated on the real metrics going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned and enjoy browsing.
This very website

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