Caffe 42 - Drinks in style

The Mission

A new coffee shop, on the corner of a new Mall in town. With unusual but friendly illustrations on the wall and youthful but down to earth aesthetics, Caffe 42 represents the fine line when it comes to a welcoming coffee shop. My mission was to capture the drinks and offerings of the place that recently had its opening during the recent pandemic situation.


Product Photography, Food Photography




Caffe 42

The Impact

In the end, the photos gave an authentic, yet familiar feel to the place which helped the coffee shop stand out from the crowd.

The Outcome

Using the environment of the place, I set the composition of the shots. Giving the drinks their flair to stand out. By adding warm colours in the post-processing phase, I created a different look that fit the vision of the owner.
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The Process

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The results

Caffe 42 - Drinks in style

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