A Vivid Annual Report - AIESEC Canada

The Mission

An organization striving for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s potential, AIESEC in Canada set out to understand its customers' needs regarding cross-cultural exchange programs that they have been running since 1958, and how that perspective has changed in today’s world. Keeping up with the trends of the 2010s they set out to create their annual report for the year 2019. My mission was to encompass the branding and yearly achievements of the organization in one place.


Editorial Design, Print Design




AIESEC in Canada

The Impact

The annual report, even to this day is a snapshot of AIESEC in Canada's achieved goals and organizational culture at that moment in time.

The Outcome

I designed the annual report from the ground up, encompassing the visual aspect of an organization that at the core of it is vivid, youthful and bold.
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AIESEC in Canada has seen many changes over the years, among them the change of visual identity and how they expressed themselves. As a youth organization that strives for a purpose, they needed to compress and showcase that aspect on paper.

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The Process

The process started with a blank paper. We filled the blank paper with all the inspirations we need to understand the visual cues which will be consistently laid out throughout the report. With the cues in from of us, we merged the values of the organization with the information architecture of the document.

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In its final form, the Annual report has morphed into a document that reflects the youthfulness, purpose and goals that were achieved that year by the organization.

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The results

In time, the document has become a dot of history for the organization. Representing it as a snapshot of the past.

Eye-catching beyond our expectations

The best thing to say about working with Adrian is the ease and competence he brings to the task. He only required minimal instructions to perfectly design our annual report. The output was very professional and eye-catching beyond our expectations. When you reach out for help on design, you want someone who can get the job done with care and with minimal time commitment from you, and that's what you get with Adrian!

A Vivid Annual Report - AIESEC Canada



AIESEC in Canada President 2020-2021

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