Happy Holidays Juju

My warmest wishes to you Juju. I hope you are home, surrounded by family and friends.
I have prepared something for you.
Hop you like it ^^

Onto the Bells of 2021

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As creatives we have our highs and lows. While we manage to succeed in our endeavors. We rely on music to set our rhythm, to drift our mind to a place of harmony.
To finish work
To solve the problem
To kill the project
So for that I prepared 3 playlists that hopefully will help you in most situations. Whether it's a client you want to strangle through the screen, poke the nerves of Rox or even to chill back and let things work their way.

The first in line

Walk Like a Badass

This is a playlist dedicated to those times when you want to strange the client through the screen. A moment of anger when not even "Copy & Paste" wants to work. A moment that would make you a great Sith Lord. So let's channel that anger into something badass. This few songs helped me focus on what was most important. Hope it will help ya as well

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The second one: Latinos

Pacho's Playlist

If you have seen Narcos, then you most likely have heard some of these tunes. This one makes you dance in the chair. Songs that will put a smile on your face while working and the rest of the people will wonder what is he listening to.

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Third one: The Chill Pill

Soul Coffee

With tunes from FKJ, Amy Winehouse and Frank Ocean I am sure you can let yourself lost in the melodies. A playlist that changes your Monday "I am fucked" vibe into "That's my rhythm to tackle them all".

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Happy Holidays!

Hope you enjoyed the experience and the playlists. I am curious if they will help you get into the right mindset for 2021. If not, hit me up and will share with ya some more playlists.

Wish you Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and hope to see you soon!